In history’s footsteps with a new map app for the mobile

By on July 18, 2017

Therése Neaimé recently released the song and the video to “Att få låna dig en stund”. A tribute to the mother who went away too early in cancer and never experienced Therése’s success as an artist. Therése describes herself as “the girl who could not sing but as one day opened for Simply Red in the big arenas around Europe”. Read her own words about bullying in school, elite investment in athletics and her over 20 year career as a singer and record company director. In connection with the song release, Therése’s memoirs are available at Writelin. Follow in Therése’s footsteps via Writelin’s map app.

Want to know more about your family history or do you want to share your own story? With Writelin, you can easily write your own or someone else’s life story. Do as the artist Therése Neaimé, health guru Johan Holmsäter and legendary football coach Tord Grip. Write down your memos and share easily with family and friends. Allow readers to follow your footsteps via Writeline’s map app that signals when the mobile approaches a selected spot.

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