”If Seeing is Believing”

By on November 3, 2017
Petra Cortright

Fullersta Gård prodly presents the group exhibition “If Seeing is Believing”. It shows works by seven artists from different countries dealing with viewing in different ways. The exhibition will take place from 11 November 2017 to 4 March 2018.

– Contrary to what you think, seeing is not only passive perception, but in fact a process where past experiences, cultural identity and personality play a major role. The vision often deceives us because the brain makes simplifications and assumptions based on past experiences. Even so, there are notions that what can be seen is true and real, says Peter Bergman, director Fullersta farm.

The exhibition contains photo, installations, painting and video. Artwork previously unveiled in Sweden is displayed together with artists who are acquainted with the Swedish art audience. The artists work with optics, technology and media, for example, to understand and influence reality.

– We live at a time when we are overloaded with visual information from countless sources. To shut one’s eyes is rarely an option, we may instead look again with new eyes, says Peter Bergman.

Participating artists:
Lena Bergendahl, Sweden, Petra Cortright, USA, Toril Johannessen, Norway, Windy Fur Rundgren, Sweden, Mykola Ridnyi, Ukraine, Aleksandra Vajd, Slovenia and Hynek Alt, Czech Republic.

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Huddinge