Holy Greens opens the flagship restaurant at Kungsgatan in Stockholm

By on June 14, 2018

The salad chain Holy Greens is in an expansive phase and is preparing to open a flagship restaurant in Stockholm. The space at Kungsgatan 17, where the Asian restaurant Bamboo Palace had its activities since the 80’s, is now home to Holy Green’s largest restaurant so far. The restaurant of about 300 square meters becomes almost twice as big as the previous restaurants of Holy Greenland, and the plan is to open in September.

The growth rate has increased for Holy Greens, which had a turnover of approximately 80 million kr in 2017. The Salad chain opens its first restaurant in Gothenburg now in the summer, and also fills with another restaurant in Malmö, and one in Helsingborg.

– We are very happy to have the opportunity to serve our salads at Kungsgatan. It’s a big and important piece of puzzle in our long-term establishment strategy that includes about twenty restaurants in the coming years, said David Egonson, co-founder of Holy Greens.

Holy Greens has two restaurants in Stockholm. One on Regeringsgatan 28 and one in the MOOD mall, which is daily filled with diet conscious customers, especially around lunch time. What makes the establishment on Kungsgatan special is the location and size of the premises.

– Several of our restaurants are located on charming streets with great potential alongside the busiest walking paths. The location on Kungsgatan is something completely different. The restaurant will be almost twice the size of our average restaurant and the location gives us a great opportunity for reaching out to people, offering them an attractive way to eat healthy. Health is a mega trend right now and there are many who want to be a part of the category. We have found a position that is right for us, where we focus on creative flavors, nutritional and organic raw materials, always with a sustainable environmental thinking, said David.

It is now five years since David Egonson and Nebo Pavicevic opened the first Holy Greens Restaurant in Helsingborg. The concept of fast, healthy and tasty salads worked almost immediately, and the entrepreneurial trip has been moving properly. The founders David and Nebo are now taking the height to cope with future establishments.

– The challenge ahead is to be able to grow. We have recruited a great team to help us get to the next level. We face many challenges ranging from economics and logistics to product and brand development. The most important thing for us when we grow fast is that we make it controlled. We do not allow our establishment rate to affect either our service or quality level.

Helena Olofsson, Food & Beverage | Stockholm