Högberga Gård becomes with a backficka

By on April 3, 2018

Beer cafe, banquet hall and microbrewery. Outdoor activities, play and farm shop. The old waterworks at Kottlasjön on Lidingö are brought to life again under the direction of Högberga Gård. Remodeling is underway and the plan is to open for “nice hanging with bunch” at the end of May.

When the Lidingö City Tomtaktiebolag sought ideas for activities in the old waterworks, the proposals streamed. It was Högberga Gård’s thoughts of “a mischievous place for all” who won in the procurement. Since the decision was taken, renovation and reconstruction has been carried out, with the aim of preserving the sense of origin and creating a restaurant with genuine craftsmanship. Also the name remains: Vattenverket, Högberga Bakficka.

– We are childish happy to get started here, it is a dream come true. We get a relaxed back pocket to Högberga Gård where we can take turns to a little mischievous direction. It will be the same high quality of food and drink but in quite different vintage. Here there are seven kinds of cakes, rich long cooks and microbrewed lager. The goal is to create Lidingö’s most beautiful hang, simply, says Johan Hjort, CEO at Högberga Gård.

Vattenverket will be a place for play, bus and nice hanging all year round. Ice skating and hot chocolate in wintertime, bath and bridge hang in the summer. Beer cafe, festivities, homes and delights. Freshly brewed coffee, freshly ground beer from its own microbrewery and freshly baked bread. In addition, it will be offered conference in exclusive seclusion.

– We want as many as possible to enjoy this amazing place, surrounded by water and nature. Here both families and friends can hang out on weekends, eat, drink and socialize. It’s a good idea to take a break on the dog walk or look in for a short while to have a cup of coffee and read the newspaper. A fresh air area for all, simply, says Johan Hjort, CEO at Högberga Gård.

Vattenverket are idyllically located at Kottlasjön’s southeastern beach. You can easily get there by bike, car or municipal funds. From Lidingöbanan station Högberga there is a nice walkway of about 15 minutes. Outside the door is the blueberry forest with running tracks, sledging hill and outdoor gym.

Helena Olofsson, Food & Beverage | Lidingö