Hey Lucy – a new restaurant concept from Harrys

By on March 6, 2017

Harrys is one of Sweden’s largest restaurant chain with restaurants in over 30 locations around the country. The knowledge of Swedish restaurant visitors that this provides, the company now converts to their new venture “Hey Lucy”. The concept’s name comes from the fictional Lucy that through her adventurous Asia Travel amassed recipes, raw materials and experiences. The food, the colors and the smells are at the center, in a setting that evokes curiosity and creates a lively atmosphere where you want to hang out with friends and family.

– It is not only the menu that is an intriguing mix but also the interior. We want to offer a complete experience for the senses, a journey through Asia in an unexpected and playful mix of impressions and objects, where the history, present and future are equally present, says Niclas Möller.

The inspiration for the concept is taken from the Asian Fusion restaurants, which attracted many curious and foodies guests around the world’s major cities. In these are combined raw materials from countries like China, Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand on the menu, which opens a whole new world of taste sensations.

The concept was developed together with reputable and expressive concepts Agency DQ.

Hey Lucy should be perceived as a colorful and diverse experience for all the senses. The decor is an older Asian style with contrasts of contemporary elements and the atmosphere is a mixture of extravagant and cozy. When you leave, you should always long to return, says Oskar Dahlqvist, one of the founders of the DQ.

Premiere of the new concept, was it when “Hey Lucy” was opened in Linköping on Friday, March 3rd. The goal is then to expand the concept of the long term and provide all food enthusiasts, who do not live in one of the country’s three major cities, the opportunity to discover the richness of the different Asian cuisines.

Harrys has long been the swedish people’s tavern where everyone is welcome. With “Hey Lucy” we are broadening our offering to guests and give those who are curious the opportunity to discover something new, says Niclas Möller.

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