Health | The audience in tears – about broken promises and codependency

By on November 14, 2015

Two young women read passages from the comprehensive book on codependency Get up! Heal your codependency!” during the launch of the “e-therapy to deal with co-dependencyand the book release of Madeleine Swartz book. Radio Roslagen have recorded the entire event that took place on 26/10 and transmits it on Monday 16/11 at 19:00 to 20:00 in the “Capture your life with Gaya(accessible via the web). The book provides knowledge and hope for all who are thinking over whether to stay or leave a relationship with a person that over and over again breaking promises.

In the radio transmission Madeleine Swartz tells about her journey from being co-dependent in a relationship with her two daughters’ father, to self-develop a dependency on alcohol and how she became in so bad shape that she lived without her children for a period. Madeleine’s daughters (one of which was six years old when her mother left her) describe her experience of growing up and how they have been working with their history of seeking a way to heal the traumas of childhood. Madeleine gives hope to all being stuck in a dysfunctional relationship. She has recovered and trained as a chemical dependency counselor at Lifecap in 2006-2008. Today she is one of Sweden’s most renowned therapists.

“Etherapy to deal with co-dependency” is produced in collaboration between Lifecap and Madeleine and is an effective and inexpensive way to work through a life situation involving codependency to a partner / parent / child / friend / colleague who has any type of obsession. It does not need to be about alcohol and drugs, it may be about gaming / computer misuse, fixation on appearance / eating disorders, excessive exercise, obsession with work or anything else that has gone so far that it affects a person’s social life negatively and that it started to involve lies, excuses , promises of change and new lies …
Etherapy has, according to some studies (see eg Research & Progress No. 7, 2015), proved to be even more effective than traditional therapy because it is possible to repeat the sessions several times, it is also possible to implement them when and where you want (internet connection required) and remain anonymous. The 23/11 planned a live episode of “Catch your life …where Gaya Pientizka, founder of Lifecap AB, has Madeleine Swartz on a visit in the studio and where it is possible to submit questions live via telephone or chat (it is possible to be anonymous by entering a fictitious name).
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