Haute Photographie Stockholm at Fotografiska

By on April 13, 2018

Haute Photographie Stockholm at Fotografiska

Haute Photographie Stockholm now presents at Fotografiska eight of the world’s most successful galleries showing a collection of their top photographers. Enjoy classic works by Christer Strömholm and Albert Watson, the intriguing Helene Schmitz and Noboyushi Araki with newcomers like Bastiaan Woudt and Inka & Niclas.
Where: Fotografiska
When: 12–15 April (10.00 -19.00 Thursday-Saturday, 10.00-16.00 Sunday)

Haute Photographie is an art fair with an innovative approach where eight galleries from different European cities come together to exhibit an exciting mix of heavyweight legends as well as new talents. It is set up as a more creatively inclusive exhibition than would traditionally be the case in a traditional art fair with a gallery set up.

Earlier this past winter, the concept enjoyed a successful appearance at Art Rotterdam Week. Haute Photographie will open its doors on 12-15 April 2018 in a collaboration with and based at Fotografiska in Stockholm.

About 50 photographers with coveted exciting works will be on show. Everything from well-known names like Christer Strömholm, Noboyushi Araki, Helene Schmitz, Frank Horvat, Chen Man, Nick Brandt, Camilla Åkrans and Albert Watson to exciting new talents already receiving lively acclaim including Bastiaan Woudt and Inka&Niclas.

You will be introduced to classic legends who together have created photographic history, alongside works by new talents.

‘For those of us who are passionate about photographic art, it is of course extremely important to support new young photography and to help these new talents reach the wider world. Haute Photographie Stockholm at Fotografiska is making a very real contribution in this respect,’ says Roy Kahmann, Gallery Owner and Project Manager, who is heading up the initiative.

‘We are really looking forward to Haute coming to Stockholm. It is an extremely ambitious project to gather the most successful and progressive galleries in the world and create an extremely attractive group exhibition of the most desirable pieces they have to offer,’ says the two founders of Fotografiska, Per Broman, CEO Fotografiska Stockholm and Jan Broman, CEO of Fotografiska International.

Exhibiting galleries:

Bildhalle/ (Zurich)

Dorothée Nilsson Gallery (Berlin)

Mc2gallery (Milan)

Esther Woerdehoff (Paris)

Ibasho Gallery (Antwerp)

Kahmann Gallery (Amsterdam)

The Ravestijn Gallery (Amsterdam)

Willas Contemporary (Oslo)

Photographic Art Partner/CFHILL (Stockholm)

Haute Photographie Stockholm April 12 – 15, 2018
Fotografiska Stadsgårdshamnen 22, 116 45 Stockholm, Sweden

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Stockholm