Half of Sweden exercise at least 2-3 times a week

By on December 28, 2016
50 percent of Swedes are training 2-3 times a week or more, eight percent never exercise. To stay fit and healthy, getting fitter and losing weight are the three most common reasons why we are training and exercise. These are some of the findings in a Sifo survey on the exercise habits that are carried out on behalf of the Stadium.

The survey shows that walking, running, weight training and cycling are the most popular types of exercise. While there are differences between different age groups; 18-29-year-olds prefer running and weight training, while 50-64 year olds prefer walking and cycling. The reasons why we practice also differ; 18-29-year-olds practicing more often to get a better looking body, get stronger, and because it’s fun, than any other age group. The women are training, to a greater extent than men, to become smoother and more mobile.

Exercise and fitness is an important public health issue and it is fun to survey shows that Swedes are training to keep fit and healthy. It’s also nice to see that it is not materials heavy exercise that tops the list, either walking or running require any major purchase, it is supposed to be easy to live a life of movement, says Amanda Larsson, PR and Communications Manager at Stadium.

Although the survey shows that many trains and moving regularly waives nearly one in ten Swedish entirely from exercising. The most common reasons for not exercising or exercising more often is because they think it‘s boring, to give priority to other recreational activities, and that the time is spent on children and jobs.

We at the Stadium wants to inspire everyone to an active life and although many moves regularly, the survey shows that we can do even more. It is not that everyone should be professional athletes, but everyone feel good to move, it then is Nordic walking, cycling, yoga or crossfit is unimportant, it is about to find what you think is funny, continues Amanda Larsson.
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