Grönan’s new Snake – the most intense ride ever

By on April 26, 2019

Tomorrow, Saturday 27 April, Gröna Lund will open for the season and invite guests to a completely new ride, Snake. It is the most intense ride that the amusement park has ever had. Snake spins its guests 40 meters up in the air at 80 km / h and exposes them to 4.3 G forces. But the brave ones may take the chance. The attraction will only be available at Gröna Lund in the summer of 2019.

Tomorrow, Gröna Lund opens for its 136th year with a great attraction news, Snake. It gets tivolit’s most intense ride ever and suits the guests who don’t shy away from spinning, altitude or speed. Snake takes its guests on a massive ride 40 meters up in the air, sitting in a gondola at the end of a pendulum arm. You will travel at 80 km / h and be exposed to up to 4.3 G forces. The attraction type is called Chaos Pendle, where the gondola you sit in spins freely around its own axis. This means that each ride will be different from the other depending on the weight distribution of those you go with. Sounds this like a ride you don’t want to miss, then you have to take the chance. Snake is only visiting Gröna Lund during the season 2019. The attraction is placed as a temporary ride in the area where Gröna Lund is now preparing to build the next large roller coaster with premiere in 2021.

– We want to invite our guests to a really cool attraction this year, and this is probably among the most intense riding experiences you can experience. It will only stand on Gröna Lund during the 2019 season, so I hope everyone who wants and dares takes the chance and comes and rides it, says Magnus Widell, CEO of Gröna Lund.

Facts Snake
Attraction type: Chaos Pendle
Height: 40 meters
Speed: 80 km / h
G force: 4.3
Length limit: 140 cm
Rotation: You rotate around three axes simultaneously. The first pendulum arm rotates 5 rpm, the pendulum arm holding the gondola rotates 7 rpm and the gondola itself rotates freely around its own axis.
Capacity: 8 people per ride (4 + 4 people sitting on the gondola, back to back)
Manufacturer: Funtime (who also built Eclipse on Gröna Lund)
Location on Gröna Lund: Stands on the temporary area “Nöjesfältet” and is only available during the summer season 2019.

Helena Olofsson, Entertainment | Djurgården