Gröna Lund seeks 1 400 new employees

By on January 25, 2018

Now the annual recruitment starts to Gröna Lund summer season and this year, the number of services they need to add is increasing. More than 1,400 new employees are needed to spin the cotton candy, drive the carousels, cook in the restaurants and take care of the games when tivoli opens on April 28th. Diversity is, as usual, a major focus in recruitment, as they want the diversity of guests to be reflected by tivoli’s employees.

Now one of the most hectic periods starts at Gröna Lund Recruitment Department, where they will find all new employees who will work the tivoli during the summer season. This year, 1,400 employees are being searched, which is 100 more than in the previous year, from carousel drivers and sugar candy spinner to cooks and technicians. For most of the services, it does not matter what is on the CV, the most important thing is that you have the right commitment and personality. Gröna Lund also continues the diversity work started several years ago, by employing people over 50 years and young people with different disabilities. In 2016, Gröna Lund also initiated a collaboration with the Swedish Employment Service, where they employed new arrivals, a project to be continued this year.

– We have seen that we are simply getting better at meeting all our guests if even our employees can mirror our guests. Therefore, we are looking for a variety of people to our tivoli. Most preferably, we would like to have all kinds of cultures, functional variations, ages and languages represented among our employees. Then we can provide good service to our guests, says Ida Troive, HR Manager at Gröna Lund.

Facts about Gröna Lund Recruitment
Number of applications received each year: approximately 10,000
Number of vacancies this year: 1,400 (2017: 1,300)
Age of oldest employee 2017: 84 years
Age of youngest employee 2017: 16 years
All employments are now available at

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Stockholm