“Goodbye” – new single

By on September 28, 2017

On “Goodbye” meet two of the country’s groovy voices: Björn Skifs and musical and rock singer Nina Söderquist.

The duet, written by Nina together with Linus Sundvall, is a delicious powerballad in suggestive production by Jimmy Jansson.

Nina and Björn have collaborated earlier: when the latter was a guest in Niklas Strömstedt’s program, Thanks for the music, they sang a duet together and when Skif’s revived Badrock summer in 2016, Nina presented a powerful version of Total Eclipse of the Heart.

“Björn is one of my greatest role models and sources of inspiration,” says Nina enthusiastically. “He has a voice I love, a versatility I admire and the kind of career that I dream of being able to look back on in the future.”

Björn says his sincere opinion when describing his duet partner.

“Nina is a really good girl – she’s like one big hot heart all her. And underneath the surface is a fantastic rock girl hiding. She can really gas. We also have both easy to laugh and usually compete in grimace.”

Already in front of Badrock, they had the thought of making a duet, but it did not happen then.

“Later I found three songs that I thought fit to make together with Björn,” says Nina. “I sent them over without revealing the authors. Then it was extra fun that he chose the one I was part of.”

“I got stuck to it immediately,” commented Björn. “It was really A True Song, such that one get extra excited to put the teeth in.”

The two artists recorded the song together in the studio – something that is not obvious at times when audio files are often sent back and forth. It is obvious that they were extra inspired by each other’s presence.

“Björn has really taken in and embraced the text, which is about to be forced to release the love of your life,” Nina points out.

Listen to “Goodbye” here>>

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music