Good and mixed to Easter from Skansenbutiken

By on February 17, 2018
Michael McLain

Easter is in the end of March 2018, and the Skansen store has already loaded up with products for the Easter dinners and Easter eggs. The Skansen collection offers everything from organic candy to pottery for Easter table set. Inspiration for the collection’s various pressures has been taken from Skansen’s collections and Clothes Chambers and the products have been developed by Skansen’s collection team.

Paisley products have a pattern taken from a folk costume in Skansen Chamber of Commerce at Skansen:

Pot stand Paisley
The wood used is birch veneer and MDF that come from FSC or PEFC certified suppliers. This means that the supplier’s input material comes from forests that are used in the long term and responsible. ø21cm, 199 kr










Napkin Paisley
33 cm, 45 kr










Matchbox round Paisley
Matches, long knits with white sparkle hat. 4 cm in diameter and 11 cm high, 65 kr










Candlestick Iron lady in steel
Made in Sweden of Swedish steel. The publishing house of the candlestick is an iron dam that adorns the house façade at Skansenbutikken made by one of Skansen’s former smiths. Height 24.5 cm, width 22 cm, foot plate deep 6 cm. Weight 1.2 kg. 679 kr








Cloudberry jam
Made in Sweden and contains 70% berries. 300 g, 99 kr










Raspberry chocolate
Made in Sweden with organic raspberries and cocoa beans. The pattern on the ash is taken from a costume jacket, from Dala-Floda in Dalarna. The folk costume is preserved in Skansen’s collections. 99 kr








Milk chocolate
Chocolate bar with light chocolate made in Sweden and is both fair marked and organic. 25 g, 20 kr








Orange chocolate
Chocolate bar with dark chocolate/orange made in Sweden, fair and organic. 25 g, 20 kr








Gala Mix
Caramels, 100 grams, print Skansen map, 49 kr.










Mother Annas Rox
Caramels, 150 grams, print Skansen map, 49 kr.










Table tablet Kjolsäck
A Kjolsäck is a loose pocket or bag that is worn by women to the folk costume. Either it is tied around the waist or hanged over the shoulder with the strap that is often attached to the upper edge. Kjolsäcken has been used for a long time throughout history for church visits as well as everyday work. The print with kjolsäcken is inspired by all kjolsäckar in Skansen’s dressing room. 29.5×42 cm, 50 kr








Herring spice
A spice mixture for flavoring herring for Easter celebration. On the back there are both Swedish and English recipes. 50 g, 49 kr










Product Photo, All Pictures: Michael McLain.

Facts Skansen’s collection
During 2015, Skansen began to develop its own collection inspired by the patterned tax on Skansen in folk costumes, textiles, nature and animals. The products quickly became popular in Skansen’s stores and webshop, where a selection of the products is sold. Since then, Skansen has increased and became both a producer and a wholesaler. Skansen’s collection team is working on new products, and much of the inspiration is taken from folk costumes in the Skansen dressing room.

Helena Olofsson, Gadgets | Stockholm