Gold to Victor Magdeburg at Högberga Gård

By on June 21, 2017

The Swedish winner of the junior class of the year’s selection in the cook competition Copper Skillet 2017 became 22-year-old Victor Magdeburg from Högberga Gård, Lidingö. Thus, Victor will be able to represent Sweden in the European Championships, which takes place on September 23. This time at ETC County Hall in London.

– It feels absolutely amazing to take home the victory and of course honored to represent Sweden in the European Semifinal. Now it’s time to celebrate, then reload, with the goal set to move on to the World Final in Philadephia, says Victor Magdeburg, chef at Högberga Gård and part of the Swedish Junior Chef national team.

The unique thing about the competition is that the contestants cook has 30 minutes to create a conference dinner based on exactly the same conditions: a commodity basket with secret main ingredients and equipped with only one gasol kitchen. This year’s theme was “mystery basket”.

– The idea behind this theme is in the time of how we already work at Högberga Gård. Our menus change from day to day based on the raw materials that appeal to us the most. The sense of flavors, preparation methods and arrangements are constantly exercised. We are investing heavily in the dining experience, and now that Victor goes and win the competition makes me of course immensely proud, says Tommy Eriksson, Gastronomic leader at Högberga Gård, who together with Victor took Olympic gold last autumn with the Stockholm Culinary Team regional team.

Motivation of the jury;
Great techniques, well-balanced tastes and equal points as the winner of the senior class.

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