Gina Tricot sharpens its focus on the shopping experience

By on October 20, 2019
Götgatan Concept Store

Gina Tricot continues to challenge the traditional way of shopping and set the boundaries at new heights. With focus on the customer, the fashion chain will be creating even more exciting shopping experiences in various parts of Scandinavia.

In September 2018, an entirely new store concept was launched when Gina Tricot Concept Store on Götagatan in Stockholm first opened its doors to the public. Customers are welcomed into a world of limitless inspiration, with unique decor and Instagram-friendly spaces. Huge mirrors, comfortable sitting puts and specially-designed furniture create the feeling that the entire store is just one large, luxurious dressing room.

This fall, a new top-modern store will be opened. The store will feature functional, open spaces and an overall design that makes it easy for customers to get a clear overview of the offering and various categories of items. The product range, geographic location and store employees have all been carefully selected and tailored to customer preferences and needs.

“Our goal is to optimise all aspects of the store and what it can deliver. Store size, location, profitability and market situation are all things that we’ve carefully considered. We’re constantly looking for attractive, new store locations. Gina Tricot’s strategy is to maintain its position as a leading fashion chain that offers items for sale in stores, while simultaneously increasing the rate of online shopping. In recent years, we’ve reorganized many parts of our business and organization, while adapting our stores based on customer needs,” says Joachim Modigh, Interim CEO of Gina Tricot.

New store openings during fall 2019:

Hamngatan, Stockholm
To further strengthen Gina Tricot’s presence in downtown Stockholm, another store will be opened, this time, on Hamngatan. The new concept will include a visually-inviting store interior, more open areas and an inspiring walk-in closet feel. It is certain to become a favourite destination that customers will love visiting over and over again.

Fashion | Gina Tricot sharpens its focus on the shopping experience

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