GHOST – The musical of immortal love comes to the China Theater this fall!

By on March 11, 2018

GHOST – The romantic film with Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore in the lead roles came in 1990, both the story and Whoopie Goldberg were awarded an Oscar. Based on the movie success, the musical was created with the same name and after the premiere on the British Manchester Opera House in March 2011, it was soon referred to as one of our most moving love stories. The musical has made great success on both Broadway and West End and now we finally get the chance to experience GHOST live at the China Theater in Stockholm.

GHOST is about the New York couple Molly and Sam who live a happy life together. After a dramatic event suddenly everything changes and Sam, stuck between two worlds, faces a task where he, using a medium Oda Mae, has to find a way to protect Molly. GHOST leaves no one unmoved and the musical audience will take part in a story about sadness, happiness, mystery and immortal love.

The main role holders have been hand picked and are some of the strongest brilliant stars of the song and musical scene. “Sam Wheat” is played by the multifaceted singer Peter Johansson who has made numerous roles in musical sets. He has played “Judas” in Jesus Christ Superstar, “Stacee Jaxx” in Rock of Ages, “Tommy DeVito” in Jersey Boys and “Galileo” in the musical We Will Rock You at the West End in London. We see the Danish musical star Maria Lucia Heiberg Rosenberg as “Molly Jensen”. Her theater and music career began at a young age and today she is in the absolute top of Denmark’s musical artists. She is now making her first musical production in Sweden and is currently learning Swedish just for this participation. The eccentric media “Oda Mae Brown” is played by the singer and pop artist Gladys Del Pilar Bergh, who is constantly present in many different contexts, nationally as well as internationally. In the role of Carl Bruner, we see the musical star Bruno Mitsogiannis, which in recent years has been featured in several major musicals such as “Galileo” in the Queen Musical We Will Rock You at Circus in Stockholm and “Frankie Valli” in the musical Jersey Boys at the China Theater.

It was during the rehearsals of the hard rock musical Rock of Ages, as Peter and Bruno found each other both as friends and musicians. Since then, they have performed several appearances together as a duo, including in the TV show Så ska det låta where they compete together 3 years in a row. At the China Theater they have previously made their own show “Peter and Bruno – live on China” and the musicals Jersey Boys and Rock of Ages together and it is therefore extra fun to get them back on the same scene again.

China theater’s tradition of movies that has become musical lives on and with the success of Dirty Dancing and Flashdance in the back, we get a hunch on this year’s major musical initiative GHOST. It is director Anders Albien and choreographer Jennie Widegren who were the creative forces behind Flashdance and now again create an extraordinary experience for the musical audience. The musical GHOST has previously become famous for its visual expression and now the creative team wants to spin on, including with the help of physical persons as part of the scenography and special effects.

“As always with all the great entertainment, a good story is really needed. GHOST has an amazing love story that does not resemble anyone else, a story about how love for another person lives in us even in life after this,” explains director Anders Albien.

Glen Ballard as among others is behind the hit songs “Jagged little pill” and “Man in the mirror”, has together with Dave Stewart from the pop group Eurythmics, wrote the music to GHOST. With the song Unchained Melody from the movie’s iconic pottery scene as a basis has the music producers Stewart and Ballard created a collection of newly composed amazing songs that play on the same emotional strings as the moving story.

Swedish translation & direction: Anders Albien

Premiere: 14 September

Ticket Release: March 13th

Helena Olofsson, Entertainment | Stockholm