Mathias Dahlgren publishes new cookbook

By on September 11, 2016

Forget about school lessons in home economics. Learn Mathias Dahlgren’s homemaking skills for adults and cooking will be more fun, easier – and your food will be tastier.

Mathias Dahlgren is the chef who made a name for his refined simple dishes in fine dining setting. But he has also been a steady ladle in the living saucepan. He knows what works to cook at home, what techniques to use, how to plan, prepare, combine, flavor and laws smart dishes with fair means raw materials and the occasional heavenly soup on the nail.

In the book Mathias Dahlgren: Hemkunskap takes celebrity chef a larger grasp of the kitchen and how we can best work in it. In the book’s three main chapters – 20 minutes, 40 minutes and 120 minutes or more – is 20 minutes for the fast but well composed, 40 minutes for dinners with easy dessert to make those days there is a little more time and 120 minutes or more for base recipes and slow cooked that provides the foundation for a stress-free day at the stove.

Mathias Dahlgren also offers lists of unexpected and amazing flavor combinations and smart pro trick that gives shortcuts in the kitchen.

Date of issue: September 13

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