Free Flow – Millennium Madness

By on June 14, 2019

Find your way back to the early 2000 all the way up to now. Let’s go back to the beginning of house music and feel the vibe of the beginning of our millennium. Far from N-sync and backstreet boyz, to the back-doors of the real clubs around the world.

What’s Free Flow?
A weekly dance practice where all are students and all are teachers. Rather than learning steps, we develop our own rhythms and techniques to connect with and express ourselves.

Enter a safe and judgement free environment where, moving from a place of kindness and compassion, the only other boundaries are the ones you choose for yourself.

Come to connect, come to let out pent-up stress or emotions, or come to just be and let the music flow through.

Each session will follow a musical theme, and we welcome you to interpret that in any way, be it through movement, dress or attitude.

Key points of Free Flow:

  • – Sober –
    Get high on life instead.
  • – Movement –
    Challenge your movement in new ways.
  • – Silence –
    No conversations on the dance floor.
  • – Safe –
    Respect each others space and integrity. This is our family ♥

(No Photos or videos on the dancefloor, to let people flow without worries)

Free Flow – Millennium Madness will be held on Thursday 20th June 2019 at Noden.

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