Fredrik Benke Rydman celebrates 20 years at Dansens Hus

By on March 2, 2018
Kai Heimberg

2018 it is 20 years since Fredrik Benke Rydman debuted at Dansens Hus with his then company, the legendary Bounce Streetdance Company.
We celebrate this with a new play period of his latest performance “The Nutcracker”, which has previously gone for completely out-sold houses in both 2016 and 2017. New premiere today, March 2, 2018.

– It’s great fun with all international tours, but Dansens Hus is home to me. Throughout my dance life, I’ve always come back here. In 2018, I actually celebrate 20 years in the house because Bounce Streetdance Company made its first appearance here in 1998, says Fredrik Benke Rydman.

The Nutcracker Reloaded, named abroad, has just returned from a five-week tour in Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Vienna and Frankfurt.

Now the performance takes place 2-18 March at Dansens Hus in Stockholm before it is time for a new tour – this time to Zurich and Munich.

The Nutcracker was premiered in Dansens Hus in September 2016. In Fredrik Benke Rydman’s interpretation, the 1800 century classic has become a modern saga of breaking, hip-hop, ballet and a spectacular scenshow for newly written music by, amongst others, Danny Saucedo and Anna Ternheim mixed with Tchaikovsky music .

At the center stands the girl, Clara, who is left alone to live on a dump while her parents beg on the streets of a strange rich country. Under the way she meets both a beautiful ballet prince, dirty rats, yummy candy characters, a nutcracker with r’n’b in the headphones and an organ trader looking for a young heart to sell to a sick woman.

– What attracts me is the amazing music. The story is wretched, so it needs to be developed to become something. It is not possible to shut one’s eyes for the situation in Europe today, so I chose to let the Nutcracker deal with children who lack their parents, but in an imaginative, scary, fun and crazy way. A modern saga! Says Fredrik Benke Rydman.

The Nutcracker
2-18 March 2018, Big Stage, Dansens Hus

Helena Olofsson, Entertainment | Stockholm