Frank Olsson and Ralf Artz awakens the Betong gallery

By on January 26, 2019

Vernissage on February 2, 12-16
Woman a “bizarre bitch” or lovely beauty?
A troubled dynamic in this combination
Frank Olsson or Ralf Artz
Judge for yourself!

Frank Olsson Born 1954 in Stockholm.

Sculptor, painter, graphic artist. Frank’s way of working finds no boundaries in material choice or expression, the forms of the woman often form the basis of his motives. This very simple / complex form has had to stand for so infinitely many, often conflicting positions. With his playfulness, he always dares to work on the edge of the ultimate tip of his ability, without sacrificing the quality in form and shade. The woman continues to engage as a fascination now as before, sometimes as irritation! The woman’s potential within art seems in all its simplicity

Ralf Artz Born 1963 in Stockholm.

Trained in France at the Beaux-art teacher Cristian Geai in Nice.

Started in 2001 international collaboration with Opera Gallery with galleries in Paris, New York, London, Singapore and Hong Kong. Also represented at galleries in Monaco, Hamburg, Oslo and Copenhagen. Since 2012 represented in London by the Albemarle Gallery.

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