Fotografiska’s new 200% Good semla – both taste and make good

By on January 21, 2018

Fotografiskas launches a 200% Good semla
There are new angles at all, only the imagination lets prevail. At Fotografiska, menus and food products are created based on the smartest (re) use of the always organic raw material. Therefore, we can now proudly launch a 200% Good Semla, where the ingredients consist of zero waste Almond pulp and semlabun. A semla sensation that tastes good and makes Paul Svensson happy!

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At Fotografiska we use ourselves as often as possible raw materials that would otherwise have been thrown out. Reduced waste is a quality in itself, so products made from zero waste philosophy provide an additional taste level: It does not just taste good – it makes good too! Instead of dropping many percent of a raw material, we use them, and 200 percent quality is achieved.

– The culture in the restaurant industry has long been that menus are made based on what dishes you want to cook and what is needed for material. At us, the thought begins at the other end; what do we have for raw material and what can we do from it? So we always create menus and products based on the raw material itself and how we can use as many parts of it as it goes. This year, we are launching a 200% Good Semla, consisting of organic almond pulp made from the raw material that remains when almond drinks are produced. The semlabun is baked by bun, ie flour minzed from frozen cardamom buns. A tasty news made by our kitchen chef Elvira Lindqvist, explains Fotografiskas food creator Paul Svensson.

Our partner Juica delivers to us a celestial tasty pulp of organic almond and spices that will be left in their almond printing production, otherwise it would have been thrown away, but with us it will become new raw material instead.

This almond pulp, where even the pressed shell remains and adds extra flavor, is placed in the bun and topped with organic cream. The semlabun is baked with flour grounded with cardamom and cinnamon buns that have been over in Fotografiskas café and frozen down. Even this raw material becomes extra tasty when it is already flavored to the first baking.

Paul Svensson and chef Elvira Lindqvist: Why create a 200% Good Semla that tastes and does good?

– Ingredients that consist of recycled products contribute to the resources of the planet. Then you get a semla that gives more than 100% flavor of raw materials that would otherwise have been thrown and which, in themselves, have nice flavors. This way of creating food products gives 200% quality and we are so happy to offer our guests this culinary bigwig. Additionally, when we can inspire the food industry for increased reuse by daring to use the imagination, it makes us even happier, says Paul Svensson Food Creator and Elvira Lindqvist, Kitchen Chef at Fotografiska.

Juica produces 100 percent organic, unpasteurised, cold-pressed fresh fruit and vegetable juices without additives with production five days a week. The raw materials are weighed in and rinsed carefully before they are ground in a press bag. The juice is then produced with a unique hydraulic cold press, which slowly pushes the bag under nine tons of pressure. A technique that provides about five times more nutrient content than for example centrifugation.

In the process, a residual product is formed with all the fibers collected which are separated into the different parts so that they can be reused. One of Juica’s products is almond drink, which includes fresh organic almonds, cinnamon, dadel, cardamom and Himalayan salt. The manufacturing process means that these ingredients, along with distilled water and spices, are slowly pressed. This gives a residual product, a kind of pasta that Elvira Lindqvist put on can be used as almond pulp, instead of being thrown away.

– There is a lot of flavor and fiber left, which has previously been recycled as a bio-residual product but really is a great raw material. We are very pleased that our organic juices can get a new life through the incredibly skilled food artists at Fotografiska and we are looking forward to inspiring collaboration with additional products, says Patrik Brühl at Juica.

Price: 40 SEK

Sold: In Fotografiskas café

Helena Olofsson, Food & Beverage | Stockholm