First performance for classic story about identity and exclusion

By on March 30, 2019
Johan Egerkrans

The author Sara Bergmark Elfgren has dramatized and written on Selma Lagerlöf’s short story Bortbytingen, which has now become a story about exclusion and about trying to find yourself among hobgoblin and people. A family performance, directed by Tobias Theorell, with Rasmus Luthander as the changeling. First performance at Elverket on 6 April.

The changeling, thirteen years and hobgoblin, is disliked and despised by all the people in the village. The farmer he has grown up with hardly sees him. The farmers wife is the only one who protects him, but she longs for her real child, the beautiful boy child who was exchanged for an ugly hobgoblin child.

In Sara Bergmark Elfgrens Bortbytingen, a myling has also been added. Mylingen is a ghost girl who can’t rest in her grave until someone gives her her name. She says that people are cruel and that the changeling should go away, but something keeps him there. How far is he prepared to go for love and belonging? Does he have to be completely different?

– As an author, I have to believe in hobgoblin while I write about them, and let the audience get into the fairytale world. Then they can make their own associations and interpretations. So did Selma Lagerlöf worked in the short story, and I have also tried to do that, says Sara Bergmark Elfgren.

– The changeling is a dark and dense story, both exciting and very sad. The set at Elverket will be magnificent and visually impressive, says director Tobias Theorell.

The music in the performance is newly written by Frida Johansson (from the song group Kraja) right now current with the music for the acclaimed TV game Unravel 2 and with the acclaimed album Tänk på döden with the band Barnet.

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Östermalm