Festive Walpurgis night celebration on Skansen April 30th

By on April 24, 2017

Spring starts at Skansen with student song, spring speech and Walpurgis night fire. The program is given in two parts by “Sjungom studentens lyckliga dag!” during the afternoon and “Sköna maj välkommen!” at dusk. In the evening, Caroline Klüft holds the speech to the spring. The group Fröken Elvis offers entertainment with Elvis songs in Swedish and the ten men’s band Östblocket rounds the evening in the shine of Walpurgis night’s fire. As a red thread through Walpurgis night’s celebration goes the spring’s song with Stockholm Student Singers, led by Pelle Olofsson. At the afternoon show with students from Stockholm’s higher education institutions entertain’s Blåscorpset Kårsdrag with the ballet Kårsetten with spex and happy prank.

15.00-16.15 Sjungom studentens lyckliga dag! 

Student celebration in cooperation with the Stockholm Student Union’s Central Organization.

Fanborg with banners and standards from Stockholm University’s institutions.

The award “Student friend of the Year” is handed out and speech are held.

Spring song’s with Stockholm Student singers as well as spex and crazy adventures with the orchestra Kårsdraget and Baletten Kårsetten.

20.15-22.00 Sköna maj välkommen!

20.15-20.45 Elvis in Swedish with Fröken Elvis

20.45-20.55 The speech to the spring is held by Carolina Klüft.

21.00 The Walpurgis night’s fire lights up.

21.00-21.20 Stockholm Student singers sing in spring. Conductor: Pelle Olofsson

21.20-22.00 Östblocket brasses off

Fröken Elvis

Fröken Elvis offers a concert with warmth, humor, love and little seriousness where Elvis songs get new arrangements and Swedish translations. In May, the band’s second album will be released and in July they goes on this year’s big summer tour.

Fröken Elvis consists of:
Camilla Fritzén – song
Josefin Berge – Guitar, choir
Sanna Andersson – double bass, guitar, harmonica, piano, choir
Lisa Bodelius – double bass, trombone, piano, choir
Maria Olsson – drums, percussion, choir

For the translations stands Camilla Fritzén and Lisa Bodelius.

For more information: www.frokenelvis.se

Ten men’s bands Östblocket’s music is inspired by Romanian, Balkan and Arabic music tradition with a mixture of newly written and traditional material. This year Östblocket celebrates 20 years and has just released its fourth album, “Silver & Gold”, consisting almost exclusively of own compositions with Swedish texts inspired by the music from the Balkans, Turkey and the Arab world.

Östblocket consists of:
Sofia Berg-Böhm – song
Blagoj Lamnjov – clarinet
Mathias Gunnarsson – trumpet
Anders Wallseth – trumpet
Fredrik Månsson – tenorhorn
Erik Axelsson – tenorhorn
Klas Ottosson – tuba
Johan Ohlsson – accordion
Patrik Trankell – drums, percussion
Daniel Persson Pergament – percussion

For more info about Östblocket read here >>

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