Extra set dates for Lola – ends at Rival in Stockholm

By on October 2, 2019

“Lola” is currently touring around the country at the time of writing. The story of the aging variety artist, compiled by Sunil Munshi and Tommy Körberg, has touched thousands of tears as well as laughter – and now it is clear that Tommy Körberg returns to Rival in Stockholm, ending the tour with 4 dates in December.

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The aging variety artist as well as the transvestite “Lola” has reached the end of his career in the autumn and now chooses to carry out his final performance. The stripped-down two-man performance, accompanied by song and piano, tells a touching story of a person’s journey through life.

Tommy Körberg and director Sunil Munshi have co-written and produced the musical monologue “Lola” which takes us on a warm humorous journey through the show artist’s life, career, longing and crushed dreams. Inspiration and music are taken from all corners of the world and with a heartfelt narrative and touching song in front of Körberg a dozen reworked and translated songs.

The performance was unanimous during its premiere at the Circus last year seen by over 19,000 people and received extremely warmly by both the audience and the press. This year, “Lola” has played at Rival and is currently writing a nationwide tour.

It is now clear that the success show ends its acclaimed tour and returns to Rival on December 5, 6, 7 and 8.

The show is in Swedish!

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