Elisabet Linna Persson, painting, graphics, enamel, November 3 – 22

By on August 20, 2018

Elisabet Linna Persson, born 1958

Elisabet is a image artist in Luleå and works with painting, graphics, enamel and glass art. She has exhibited a large number of galleries and art halls both at home and abroad.

She wants her art to convey joy!
Her art is imaginative but not realistic.
Observers often find that art is immediate and awakens feelings. Her pictures are narrative and sparse with details.
She creates in creative silence to be able to think many unperturbed thoughts. The body language of people and animals and what is conveyed without words inspires her. Baptizing the art is part of the creation process. The titles reinforce the expression of the images.
She wants the art to be understandable and likes to find out what others see in her image world.

“Arts and culture often come from national contexts, and Elizabeth finds inspiration in her daily life and her surroundings at home in Swedish Lapland. Nevertheless, she succeeds in exceeding limits and advancing universal ideas with her works of art”
Sarah W, Curator USA.

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