Eklund Stockholm New York celebrates 10 years with the festival “New York Food & Culture”

By on September 5, 2019
Niklas Berntzon and Fredrik Eklund when Eklund Stockholm New York was newly started.

Eklund Stockholm New York is the first and probably only brokerage in Sweden that has sold more than 10 items for more than SEK 200,000 per square meter, and the company has been rewritten in The New York Times, Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, Wallpaper and Monocle. One of ESNY’s success factors has been that the brokerage has worked with new production in a whole new way.

– The builders in Sweden have increasingly adopted the conceptualisation of properties that have been common for a long time in other places in the world, for example New York. New production Sweden looks very different today compared to when we started, and I dare say that we play a pretty big role in that process, says Niklas Berntzon.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary and all the successes, ESNY is turning up big and invites you to the New York Food & Culture street festival Thursday 12th September 2019. Ingmar Bergman’s street will be filled with music, entertainment, art and various types of food associated with the city that never sleeps.

– It is not possible to celebrate our 10th anniversary in any other way than to do something that has never happened before. A piece of New York’s culture, food and drink will blend in with everyone who wants to celebrate in a street festival at Östermalm. It means a lot to us as a company to thank Stockholm, all employees and all customers who have been part of our successful story, says Eklund Stockholm New York CEO Sandra Miller Kinge.

New York Food & Culture will be launched Thursday 12th September 2019 on Ingmar Bergman’s street.

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