Dream duel in Saab Top 10

By on November 7, 2018
Claes Jakobsson

World Champion Isabell Werth is together with her superhorse Weihegold OLD ready for Saab Top 10 Dressage at the Sweden International Horse Show in the Friends Arena.
This means that the audience can look forward to a real dream duel.
Werth competes against the heir to the throne and German national team colleague Sönke Rothenberger, ready for the competition since earlier.

She won a highly acclaimed World Cup gold in the US during the late summer. And rode home a team gold with the German team. Now the Swedish audience can see the superstar Isabell Werth compete during the Swedish International Horse Show.
– Saab Top 10 is all that we riders talked and dreamed of for several years. A contest that shows world-class athletes in an entertaining way without compromising on the sporting quality, says Isabell Werth.

When the World Championships in Tryon, USA, got a ignominous end and the finals were canceled due to bad weather, the world missed the duel between the two German giants Werth and Rothenberger. But now it will happen. During the Saab Top 10 finals, Sunday, December 2, the two world stars meet in küren. They are challenged by the Swedish riders Patrik Kittel and Therese Nilshagen.

– Isabell is the rider who everyone strives to beat. She has a competitive instinct like few and will not give away any winnings for free, that’s for sure, says Patrik Kittel, responsible for the invitations to the exclusive competition.

Isabell Werth is a legend in the dressage and has no less than three horses in the top of the world rankings. With Weihegold, she is world-class and one of five riders in the world who ridden over 90 percent in the Grand Prix kür (Sönke Rothenberger with Cosmo is one of the others). Isabell was also the first to win the Top 10 title last year. And she likes the crowd in Friends Arena:

– There is something special about the audience in Stockholm. They know exactly when they can clap and not, it gave us a great ride last year, she says.

Sweden International Horse Show 29 november – 2 december 2018

Helena Olofsson, Entertaiment | Stockholm