Dani Evanoff leaves Cloetta

By on March 21, 2018
Björn Leijon

Dani Evanoff leaves Cloetta – invests in Paolo Roberto’s food brand Paolos and the retail chain Lakritsroten

Dani Evanoff leaves stock market quoted Cloetta where he last held the role of Chief Pick & Mix Officer since selling the Candyking Group to Cloetta just over a year ago. Dani is now investing in its own company Evanoff Group, which will invest in fast-growing entrepreneurial companies within FMCG (fast consumer goods) and retail.

Evanoff Group’s first two investments are already ready, the company has entered into the food brand “Paolos”, founded and jointly owned by Paolo Roberto and the retail chain Lakritsroten, a retail chain specialized in liquorice.

– I have long been looking for help and development of other entrepreneurs, thus contributing to and implementing their life projects. Both Paolos and Lakritsroten are companies with the right profile and great potential to grow together with Evanoff Group, says Dani Evanoff.

The food brand Paolos was launched in 2013 and sells Italian food products in the grocery trade. The turnover 2017 landed over 34 million. The brand’s front figure and co-owner are the TV profile, former professional boxer and entrepreneur Paolo Roberto.

– With my passion for Italian food and Evanoff Group’s experience from the industry, I look forward to expanding strongly with Paolo’s in the coming years, says Paolo Roberto.

– Paolos is a brand with huge growth potential. The Swedish people love Italy and Italian food and the Paolos brand has much more to offer in the future. I think we can multiply our turnover within just a few years, said Dani Evanoff.

Lakritsroten is Sweden’s foremost specialist in liquorice and a mecca for liquorice lover. Lakritsroten operates six physical stores and e-commerce with customers across the country.

– The future of all liquorice fantasts looks bright, both in Sweden and abroad. The licorice revolution has just begun and I am very pleased that Evanoff Group is with on the trip, says Erik Dahlén, CEO of Lakritsroten.

Evanoff Group is planning several strategic investments this year, with the goal of building a business group with some ten portfolio companies.

– Today there is a big gap in the market for how the structured capital moves and my goal is to redirect the flow so that it get right at an early stage in companies with great prospects to be tomorrow’s winner, Dani continues.

Helena Olofsson, Food & Beverage