Cult of Luna plays at Vasateatern

By on October 14, 2019

Cult of Luna is very up-to-date with their latest album, “The Dawn To Fear” and the hype has been a fact since the single release in May. The band has for many years been hailed as one of the absolute best live bands in its genre, and has won and been nominated for a number of awards over the years. Now it is clear that the band, with new material in the baggage, is embarking on an album tour along Europe’s roads this autumn.

On May 6, the Cult of Luna released the single “The Silent Man”, which was also the launching pad for the start of the new album’s release, according to the band itself, “at the dawn of fall”. The new album, “A Dawn To Fear”, was released on September 20 and is Cult of Luna’s first album in their own name since the album and EP combination “Vertical” (2013), which in Aftonbladet was called “so close genre perfection you can come”.

The single “The Silent Man”, which also opens the album, became a first taste of what the world should expect. Now the album has finally seen the daylight and with its eight songs and a total of 80 minutes it is described as one of the heaviest Cult of Luna has done.

Cult of Luna has for many years been praised not least for their solid and apocalyptic conditioning live performances – and something other than grand we should not expect.

“Even when tuning the guitars it sounds nice”, once wrote Gefle Dagblad – and the acclaimed music magazine Terrorizer has called Cult of Luna “one of the finest live bands on the planet”.

Don’t miss Cult of Luna at Vasateatern Saturday 19th October 2019!

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