Control an army of cats in Castle Cats

By on June 17, 2017

Become the leader of your very own cat guild in Castle Cats and enjoy a unique mix of idle-management and cat-collecting gameplay. After a very successful year on the Google Early Access program totaling over 350.000 downloads, Castle Cats has been launched globally on the Google Play Store and the AppStore markets.

Manage a guild of cat heroes on a quest to defeat the dark forces of the Evil Pugomancer and save the kingdom of Catania. Recruit nearly a hundred unique cat heroes, from knights to flying dragon cats and everything in between, and send them on epic quests to earn prestige and loot for your guild. Train and evolve your heroes to become true champions of Catania. Follow a story of heroism, silliness and cat puns across hundreds of story quests in the battle against the Evil Pugomancer.

“Some people might call us crazy for putting cats in a high fantasy setting, and they’re right”, says Dilaram Massimova, Producer and CEO of PocApp Studios. “But it’s a unique theme that blends perfectly with our gameplay. And naming the villain Pugomancer? It was too good not to use.”

As of the official launch, an in-game charity event has begun in collaboration with 15 cat celebrities of the internet. They have joined as in-game heroes and will generate a $1 donation towards charity each time they are recruited to a player’s guild.
Castle Cats lets you progress idly in your pocket or actively when playing through battles, against enemies such as wolves and zombie chihuahuas. It is a blend of hero management, cat collecting and classic RPG storytelling with a sprinkle of cutesy humor in a F2P-format.

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