Chef, woman and interested in competing in professional cooking?

By on April 1, 2018

Those who are a chef and a woman interested in competing in professional cooking are welcomed to a networking meeting at Martin & Servera. This year’s chef 2017, Johan Backeus, inspires and gives advice. This is a co-arrangement between the TakeOver Network, the Chef of the Year and Martin & Servera.

As a supplier to Sweden’s restaurants, we know that there are many female chefs that are likely to be successful in the Competition of the Year’s Chef or other cooking competitions. Therefore, we work with the TakeOver network. Martin & Servera are also proud partners for the Chef of the Year.

Now we want to inspire more female chefs to start competing. Therefore, together with the TakeOver Network and the Chef of the Year, we invite you to a network meeting with the theme of competition cooking. The program includes:

Kristina Ossmark, Communications Director Martin & Servera, welcomes you
Johan Backeus, Chef of the Year 2017, inspires and gives you concrete tips and advice
Andreas Stenberg, CEO of The Chef of the Year, explains the conditions and changes in the competition Chef of the Year
Lisa Lönner and Linn Söderberg from TakeOver tell about the female cook network

Then finish with lunch at Martin & Servera’s own restaurant Bistrot. For those who want there is the possibility to visit the Stockholm Fair in Älvsjö and GastroNord in the afternoon.

Helena Olofsson, Food & Beverage | Stockholm