Celebrated Memorial Service gets awaited revival November 10

By on November 2, 2016
Fotograf: Bengt Wanselius

Alejandro Leiva Wenger’s critically acclaimed play Memorial Service is a comedy and a thriller (at one time) about a family trying to recreate the past. And about Jon slowly drawn into involuntarily witness the process. It is about our reliance on its own and others’ memories, and whose memories we choose to believe.

The play premiered last spring and was a huge success both among critics as the audience. After this spring’s sold-out play period, it is now back. Revival November 10 at Kilen, Kulturhuset City Theatre.

Directs makes Frida Röhl, who very successfully set up several of Leiva Wenger plays. In the spring return Röhl to Kulturhuset Stadsteatern for putting up Dumb damn gull – a sort processing by Anton Chekhov Seagull.

On stage we see again (almost) all of the highly acclaimed ensemble from last spring: Bahador Foladi, Katarina Ewerlöf, Per Sandberg, Kristofer Kamiyasu and Kirsti Stubø. New to the ensemble are Julia Marko-Nord.

Expressen said that “Bahador Foladi creates great comedy” and that Katarina Ewerlöf was “magnificently manipulative”. Aftonbladet that “Kristofer Kamiyasu as flummar buddy Kujje is hosting its own mention, as with jerky body language and receive replicas succeed pinpoint remembered’s communicative character” and the acclaimed Per Sandberg for an adorable stylish monologue about how earthworms have foiled our entire historical reconstruction“.

Memorial service

By Alejandro Leiva Wenger

The phone rings at Jon. It is Minna, the mother of Zacharias, who says that her son tragically just passed away. Since Jon and Zacharias were close friends in adolescence, it is important that Jon will be on a memorial service that the family arrange. There‘s just one problem. Jon does not remember Zacharias.

At the memorial Jon meets a family that is already struggling against oblivion: mother, father and sister remember Zacharias in different ways. Once placed the hope in the hands of Jon, who as a close friend are expected to fill in the gaps.

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