Candela electric speedboat wins prestigious International Award

By on November 23, 2019

The Swedish foiling, electric speedboat Candela Seven has won the prestigious Best of Boat award in the new category Best For Future, the prize coincides with a rapid production ramp up at the factory in Stockholm.

We all know that the world does not remain as it is. And we know that we can do something to make the world worth living in. It starts this year with one boat. Candela Seven combines well-known technology – foiling – with cutting edge software and an electric propulsion system in a fast and beautiful motorboat”, said Stefan Gerhard, chairman of the Best of Boat Jury, at the prize ceremony in Berlin.

Candela – by many dubbed “the Tesla of the Seas” – is indeed a worthy winner. Since 2014, the Swedish startup has developed an advanced hydrofoil technology that has resulted in the Seven, a 7,5 meter electric bowrider. A submerged wing – a foil – under the hull generates lift and allows the Candela Seven to “fly” over the surface in 30 knots with very little drag. Unlike earlier hydrofoil boats that relied on crude mechanical wands to sense wave height and control flight altitude, the Seven uses ultrasonic sensors and advanced software to ensure a smooth ride.

The foiling Candela Seven is the world’s longest-range electric boat. It flies 50 cm above the waves for two hours in 25 knots.

“Over the last four years the Candela team has pushed the limits of both the laws of nature and of themselves to prove that fossil boats belong to history. It was not easy. This award motivates us to scale up fast to ensure real impact on the environment. We are most grateful for the honour”, said Gustav Hasselskog, founder and CEO of Candela.

The reduced water resistance gives Candela Seven a huge range advantage over competing electric boats with traditional V-hulls. In 25 knots, the 40 kWh battery lasts for two hours – or 50 nautical miles – on one charge. The actively stabilized hydrofoils also makes the Candela Seven immune to the slamming, spray and noise experienced in conventional boats. Unlike planing hulls, the hydrofoils produce no wake that can cause damage to shorelines, moored vessels and disturb marine wildlife.

The Best of Boat Award is just the latest in a string of successes for the Swedish company.

Production is rapidly ramping up to 40 boats a year in the factory in Lidingö, Stockholm. At the same time, the company is touring Europe with events in Italy and Switzerland for potential customers and journalists. On November 28-30, media representatives are offered the chance to test drive Candela Seven in Zürich and Geneva.

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