Cabaret Crida – Acrobatics for the soul’s absurdity sides

By on March 29, 2017

With twisted acrobatics, wayward live music and clog dancing let eight artists in the audience to another world. Mixing human entanglements with unexpected situations in a show with roots in both the classical circus in the cabaret, with its underground darker tones. French-Catalan Cridacompany is one of the most innovative circus collectives right now.

Cridacompany work with a dramaturgy that concern deeply. In the different numbers appear what distinguishes this art form from the others, namely the ability to pay homage to the unique and different. The stranger and more unusual, the better. It is like visiting our human shadow side, says Kiki Muukkonen, artistic program director circus.

Cridacompany is a French Catalan circus company and artist collective based in Toulouse, founded in 2006 by Jur Domingo Escofet and Julien Vittecoq.

On stage:
Gabriel Agosti: foot juggler and acrobat
Nicolas Arnould: Guitar
Frédéric Cavallin: drums
Philine Dahlmann – acrobat (hand to hand, aviator)
Jur Domingo: acrobat, singer
Daniel Malavergne: tuba
Elske van Gelder: acrobat (hand to hand, bass)
Julien Vittecoq: acrobat, piano
Eric Fassa: light
Julien Bordais: sound

Director: Julien Vittecoq
Music: Jur Domingo

Here >> you can see an interview with Julien Vittecoq where he talks about the show and here >> is a trailer.

Date: Wednesday, April 5 and Saturday, April 8, 2017 at 19:30
Length: 70 minutes
Ticket prices: Regular 290 SEK. Up to 26 years, students and pensioners 200 SEK
Age: Age limit 6 years, the recommended age of 8 years.

For the seventh year in a row puts Hangaren Subtopia up new circus performances with companies from around the world. Past performances include: 100% Circus Groupe arobatique de Tanger, Capilotractées, The 7 Fingers, the Cirque Alfonse, Race Horse Company, and others.

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