Boulebar Tryckeriet is growing

By on February 17, 2019

In autumn 2017, Boulebar opened a French indoor park in an old printing house in the south, Boulebar Tryckeriet. They just love the proximity to the water, the neighbors and all the nice meetings that take place on the gravel that they even change names to the place they work on. So from now on, welcome to Boulebar Liljeholmen!

To opening outside the tollgates was a bit scary at first, but with their answer in the hand, they are very satisfied and the area has been welcoming for their establishment. Liljeholmen is a growing area where much happens and Boulebar has guests from all over the Stockholm area every week.

– We feel so good in Liljeholmen and really want to be associated with the area so it feels quite natural to rename our Boulebar to Boulebar Liljeholmen, says Jonas Ernström, Area Manager for Boulebar in Stockholm.

Liljeholmen surprises
The investment in Liljeholmen has been successful and expectations have been exceeded. For Boulebar, it is important to belong to a growing neighborhood with great plans for the future and Liljeholmen has surprised in many ways.
Boulebar likes to develop neighborhoods together with neighbors and business. Just in this case, Atrium Ljungberg has been very supportive for the success of the establishment.

– The Stockholmers are beginning to discover Liljeholmen as a destination. It’s cool, says Sofia Svanström, Customer Relations Manager for Boulebar in Stockholm.

Liljeholmen follows out in the world
The goal is to have established several new Boule bars in Sweden and abroad within a few years. Currently, they have eight restaurants in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Örebro and Copenhagen. Where and when Boulebar Liljeholmen gets another sibling remains to be seen.

– All people need to stop and play a bit of boule at times, says Jonas Ernström, Area Manager for Boulebar in Stockholm.

Helena Olofsson, Entertainment | Liljeholmen