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By on June 15, 2017

Tattoos? Skin marks? Dry skin? Here is the help. The Body Shop presents Amazonian Savior ™ Multi-Purpose Balm, a multifaceted beauty product with good conscience. It consists of 100% of ingredients of natural origin.

The oily texture is hard to find to take care of tattoos, cherish skin marks and with its beautiful formula generally help difficult skin care:

– Refreshes up the impression of tattoos
– Intensive care for really dry skin
– Reduces the appearance of skin marks

The story behind this powerful product begins in the heart of the Amazon. For centuries, different societies in the Amazon have relied on powerful natural ingredients to nurture damaged and tattooed skin. The same natural oils are used to enrich the Amazonian Savior ™ Multi-Purpose Balm.

Less is more

Community Trade-produced organic baby oil
From Maranhão, Brazil
Thanks to high levels of lipids, mainly lauric, myristic and palmitic acids, it is extremely moisturizing and well-known for its caring properties when it comes to helping the skin’s natural barrier. Traditionally used on dry, itchy skin with imbalance in the lipids.

Organic andiroba oil
From Maranhão, Brazil
Contains high levels of lipids, mainly oleic and palmitic acid and glycerin. Known for its emollient characteristics. Traditionally used to care and smooth stressed skin.

Bisabolol from candei tree
It is extracted from the bark of the candei tree and is traditionally used to smooth and nourish the skin.

Sunflower seed oil
It is extracted from sunflower seeds containing high levels of lipids with linoleic acid, known to moisturize and balance the skin.

Community Trade-produced beeswax
From Cameroon.
Beeswax is a natural emollient, and contains ingredients that appear moisturizing by melting into the skin.

Sunflower seed wax
A natural softener that complements the function and properties of beeswax.

Cera bellina wax
A derivative of beeswax used to improve the sensory properties of the texture to make it feel more comfortable on the skin.

Vitamin E
Used as an antioxidant to prevent the oils and waxes from oxidizing and losing their scent and properties.

Citric acid from citrus
Used as pH adjuster in the product.

Stand up. Support the population. Save the rainforest
Each sold Amazonian Savior ™ Multi-Purpose Balm provides assistance in building biobridges that protect threatened species. It will also make a big difference when it comes to supporting local communities that deliver the naturally-inspired ingredients to the product.

Community Trade is a part of The Body Shops heart. They have purchased high quality ingredients and accessories from skilled manufacturers around the world for 30 years – then it’s no more than right to give back by enriching their society and the environment around them.

Ecological babassu oil from Maranhão in Brazil is just one of the Community Trade-produced ingredients that enrich Amazonian Savior ™ Multi-Purpose Balm.

The trade with The Body Shop provides a fair pay, and also supports lobbies for babassu culturing communities, to help protect their work and the local biological diversity.

Amazonian Savior ™ Multi-Purpose Balm is available in store from July 11th, 50 ML costs 115 KR.

14 kr from each sold Amazonian Savior ™ Multi-Purpose Balm goes to building biobridges that protect threatened species while helping communities live more sustainable.

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