Boost your winter skin

By on January 2, 2019

Did you know that the first sheet masks were used by Japanese geisha?

Hundreds of years ago, geishas in Japan gathered leftover pieces of fabric in silk from kimono manufacturing. They soaked the pieces of fabric in flower water and laid them over the face as part of their skin care routines.

Drops of Youth ™ Youth Concentrate Sheet Mask is made of cellulose fibers from renewable wood pulp and has a powerful and abundant moisturizing formula. The mask allows the skin to breathe properly and is so comfortable that it feels like a second skin. Simply skin care with you and the planet in mind. After using the sheet mask you can put it in the compost at home. Smooth way to give back to nature.

With a single use of Drops of Youth ™ Youth Concentrate Sheet Mask, you give the skin over 70 percent of the ingredients in Drops of Youth ™ Youth Concentrate 30 mL. The iconic formula is enriched with Community Trade-produced organic babassu oil from Brazil and three powerful plant stem cells: edelweiss from the Italian Alps and sea holly and beach silja of the Brittany coast.

The plant stem cells are extracted in a sustainable manner and are widely known for their regenerative properties and ability to withstand environmental attacks. Together, they form a powerful formula that provides a fresher, softer and more resilient feel to the skin.

Drops of Youth ™ Youth Concentrate Sheet Mask is the latest addition to the best-selling Drops of Youth ™ skin care series. In 15 minutes, it moisturizes the skin intensively so that it feels fresher, softer and more resilient. Perfect when the schedule is full and you want to show your best side.

In order for the skin on the face to keep up with your hectic schedule, a product that is efficient, fast-acting and handy is required. Drops of Youth ™ Youth Concentrate Sheet Mask makes you and your skin ready for everything life has to offer.

Drops of Youth Sheetmask lands in store January 22 and costs SEK 79.

Helena Olofsson, Fashion & Beauty