Bloody horror at the Royal Opera

By on October 7, 2016

Dracula will be the next big investment in a new Swedish opera at the Royal Opera’s main stage. The music is written by Russian-born composer Victoria Borisova-Ollas (pictured!), Which since the early 1990s, is active in Sweden. Kristian Benkö and Claes Peter Hellwig has written the libretto after Bram Stoker’s famous horror novel. First performance takes place on Halloween autumn 2017.

The show, which is directed by Karen Kamensek, will be directed by Linus Fellbom which also makes the lighting, while Dan Potra stands for scenography and costumes. Potra and Fellbom has previously collaborated in Tales of Hoffmann at the Folk Opera. Dan Potra, incidentally, was born in Transylvania, but now living in Australia.

Victoria is one of our most interesting composers right now. The music of Dracula has a cinematic quality and Victoria is inspired by gothic imagery of the story, says Opera dramaturg Katarina Aronsson.

It is not only the blood-hungry figure, the story focuses on, but also people and the way women around watching him.

Even Linus Fellbom and Dan Potra highlights the Gothic element of classic suits, says Katarina Aronsson. Opera has everything you would expect – special effects, romance, vampire dance, beautiful arias, grand choirs, organ sounds. And blood!

Pictured: Victoria Borisova-Ollas. Photo: Martina Holmberg

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