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By on October 25, 2019

During Thursday evening, this year’s edition of Roygalan took place at the Circus in Stockholm. Roygalan’s aim is to highlight Sweden’s best commercials and the creators behind them. “Giving more”, Elgiganten’s Christmas commercial, was named winner!

– We feel an incredible pride in getting the best award of the Best Advertising Film of the Year! With the film, we wanted to inspire customers to give Christmas presents with meaning, so that they become more than just a product. It feels great fun that the Christmas commercial from last year was so appreciated, what a confirmation for our local and Nordic marketing team! Says Elgiganten’s CEO, Niclas Eriksson.

In the commercial “Giving more”, Elgiganten encourages reflection and reflection. In an emotional story, you follow the meeting between two generations where a Christmas gift expresses more than words can ever say. You can follow a girl who is visiting a distant, older relative for Christmas. He seems to be a bit of a lone wolf, but it turns out that they have more in common than you first think. As she awakens memories of his past, he decides to give her a gift that she will remember forever. His gift is filled with adventure, love and loss, and the band strengthens them between them in a way that is impossible to put into words, but which they both understand.

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The film is supported by a survey in which more than 4000 people in the Nordic countries were asked about their thoughts on Christmas presents. This shows that 64 percent think it is more enjoyable to give than receiving gifts during Christmas. In addition, 9 out of 10 find it important that the recipient appreciates the Christmas gift.

With the help of the creative agency Nord DDB in collaboration with Bleck and director Rune Milton, the commercial was produced which received the fine award of Best Advertising Film of the Year.

Here is the jury’s motivation for the win:
“Here is a fantastic grand cinematic tone and epic feel. There is a structure and build up where not only beautiful images are stacked one after the other, but carefully weighed in view of pace, breaks, credible play, music and storytelling. A very nice story told.”

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