Berzelii Park – The Destination That Never Sleeps

By on October 25, 2019

Berzelii Park is not only a beautiful green oasis in the middle of the city, Berzelii Park is so much more. Experience the destination that never sleeps. Check in for a hotel night, lunch in the large lounge, afternoon cocktail, go to a concert, dinner with friends on Calle P or confer with colleagues. Here you will find the ultimate guide on how to best spend 24 hours at Berns, the house that never sleeps.

07.30 | Berns Breakfast Club & Berns Breakfast Talks
Nobody has missed Berns Breakfast Club? Our updated breakfast concept that has something for everyone whether you are craving overnight oats or freshly baked croissants. Ps! Would you like to combine our breakfast with inspiring cultural conversations? Then Berns Breakfast Talks is for you. Reserve a table.

09.00 | Morning job in the cocktail bar
Skip the office for work in our cocktail bar. Here you sit undisturbed with the best connection and views of Berzelii Park and Nybro Bay. If you want a good cappucino we will of course solve it!

12.00 | Lunch at Bern’s Asian
Under the crystal chandeliers you can enjoy your lunch at Berns, whether with friends or colleagues. The chef’s choice of sushi, today’s dish or maybe Asian Thai meatballs? Reserve a table.

13.30 | Conference with colleagues
After a lovely lunch together, you then take yourself up to the mirror room, one of many rooms at Berns that can be used for meetings. Create a conference that is something out of the ordinary!

15.00 | Check in at Bern’s hotel
After a busy day, check in one of our 82 personally furnished hotel rooms. Unpack your bag and feel at home.

17.00 | Cocktail and mingle
Is there anything nicer than enjoying a good cocktail after a long day before dinner? Take in one of our hustle and bustle bars and enjoy the lovely atmosphere.

19.00 | Dinner on Calle P
A stone’s throw from Berns, in the middle of Berzelii Park, houses Calle P. Here you enjoy your dinner in a family and embracing environment. Let the team decide your menu for the evening, we promise you will not be disappointed.

21.00 | Go to a concert in Stora Salongen
The combination of Bern’s historic environments together with your favorite artist is difficult to beat. Keep an eye on our calendar on the website to see upcoming gigs, artists and events.

23.00 | Dancing at LE!
For bar and great music it is LE! you should go to, our club concept on two floors.

01.00 | For those who want to dance then continue the evening at Neu for electronic music
Are you craving dance and music? Then you continue the night at NEU. Here, listen to electronic music in all its forms and here it offers both local acts and international bookings.

03.00 | Time to go bed
Feet are sore and it is finally time to take the bed for a good night’s sleep in one of Stockholm’s most comfortable beds.

11.30 – Asian brunch
After a lovely sleeping morning, it is soon time to round up your day at Berns, but before that, you must, as the end of the weekend, treat yourself to our fantastic brunch. Don’t miss the dessert buffet with pastries from our own pastry shop! Reserve a table.

12:00 | Check out
Full and happy it is time to check out, we look forward to welcoming you back on a new 24-hour visit with us!

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