Before this year’s most intense pizza day

By on December 29, 2018

After New Year’s Eve braves, Swedes are often craving for pizza in quantities. A phenomenon that made the New Year’s Day this year’s unofficial pizza day, where Online Pizza sees more than one order per second. The favorite among the Stockholmers is Kebab pizza, according to statistics that reveal the 2018’s most popular pizzas.

To “appa” home a pizza on New Year’s Day has come to be as common a tradition as ham on the Christmas table and champagne on New Year’s Eve. Something that leads to the country’s many pizza bakers preparing weeks in advance to cope with the increased pressure of orders. Sweden’s most ordered pizza in 2018 was Kebab pizza, according to statistics from affiliated restaurants at Onlinepizza, the country’s largest intermediary of pizzas.

– After roving Christmas days and a festive New Year, it can be nice to spend New Year’s Day in soft pants and “appa” home a pizza without having to go outside the door. A tradition that makes Onlinepizzas 2000 connected restaurants together has more than one order per second. The pressur is usually at most between 10.00 and 18.00, then it will be some particularly intensive hours for our pizza bakers, says Philip Eide, marketing manager at Onlinepizza.

New Year’s Day premiere for Stockholm Pizzeria
För Augin Azginpå Rasmus Grill in Bromma, it’s New Year’s Day premiere, something that requires extra preparation.

– We started our cooperation with Onlinepizza 5 months ago and today we have managed to get 4.8 out of 5 stars, which feels great. We will have the night open during New Year’s Eve, so we expect many former New Year’s celebrities to take this year’s first pizza with us. As this is our first New Year’s Day with Online Pizza, we are preparing to replenish our stock to a maximum so that we can handle all orders, says Augin Azgin.

Pizza favorites in Stockholm 2018
In connection with the year-end, Onlinepizza has produced a list of 2018’s most popular pizzas in Stockholm. Based on the year’s orders, the Kebab pizza is the favorite, with Vesuvio on a stable second place and Capricciosa on a third place.

Helena Olofsson, Food & Beverage | Stockholm