Beckman’s fashion students interpret the couture in an international fashion exhibition

By on December 24, 2017
Carl Bengtsson/SKARP

Students from the Fashion Program at Beckmans Design College participate in the upcoming exhibition Couturen’s secrets at the Sven-Harry Art Museum together with international fashion makers like Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen / Givenchy, Balmain and Louis Vuitton, as well as Swedish creators like Pär Engsheden and Bea Szenfeld.

The craft tradition of Coutur gets new forms of expression

Under the leadership of Pär Engsheden, fashion designer and responsible for the Fashion Program, eleven students have created creations inspired by the world of couture. It is a design exercise that gave a deeper understanding of a more advanced and creative fashion design.

– The students have studied the relevance of the couture in today’s fashion climate and how the traditional craft can be combined with future demands for sustainability and material renewal, says Pär Engsheden, fashion designer and responsible for the Mod Program.

Contributing fashion students

Amanda Borgfors Meszaros, Julia Correia de Verdier, Dat Dahn, Felicia Halén Fredell, Marie Isacsson, Matilda Ivarsson, Anastasia Jansäter, Robert Jonsson, Joonas Karhumaa, Sissel Kärneskog, Antonia Larsson Pihl

About the exhibition

The exhibition runs from January 26 to April 2, 2018, giving both a historical backdrop and an insight into the couture’s usually closed world. Creative Directors for the exhibition are Pär Engsheden and Ingrid Giertz-Mårtenson, former CEO of the Swedish Fashion Council, and among other things, the initiator of the Center for Fashion Science at Stockholm University. Guest curator and editor of the exhibition catalog is a PhD in fashion science, Ulrika Kyaga. Scenographer and designer for the exhibition is Johan Svensson, Creative Director of Vogue UK.

Many thanks for generous contributions from Bengt Julin’s foundation that made the project possible.

Helena Olofsson, Fashion & Beauty | Stockholm