Beckman Students want to get people to sit healthily

By on February 8, 2017

From their having athletic background to sit down all day. Elin Lindström and Liga Bulmiste decided to change the endless sitting by moving up the floor to sit level and create a new type of office chair.

Yonam – one of the five proposals that want to transform the office environment

For the Stockholm Furniture Fair received last year students on the form program at Beckmans College of Design in task of investigating the office environment and take in tour with two current problems sedentary and concentration problems.

In an attempt to solve the question of how to sit healthily has Elin and Liga interviewed yoga teacher, ergonomists, osteopaths and massage experts. For this they have added their aesthetics and suggests the office chair Yonam who want to make up with the type of office environment we have created and bring well-being, empathy and intimacy as values in creation of the office today.

We think the office today is generally imaginary wrong. We know the dangers of sedentary but there is no alternative to the standard office chair. To completely get rid of it and get everyone to sit on the floor instead is of course too drastic and therefore our office chair is seen as a bridge between the environment we in the west have created and the one we want to create. In Yonam have simply the floor moved up to sit level, says Elin.
You will find Yonam and five other suggestions on how today’s office environments can change in Beckmans College of Design’s booth VH03: 42 in the Greenhouse at Stockholm Furniture Fair February 7 to 11.
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