Because I’m worth it

By on October 23, 2017
Andreas Lundberg

Now it’s soon premiere time for Fredrik Benke Rydman’s dance theater about the couple who skip the one-time ticket and jump right to test an open relationship. Full transparency and insight into who has done what with who, it sounds wise – or? The performance is about a couple. Rennie Mirro, Piotr Giro, David Dalmo, Emelie Jonsson, Sandra Medina and Lisette Pagler portrays different sides at the couple. For the manuscript, Martin Luuk answers.

Because I’m worth it! First performance on October 28 at Klarascenen.

Fredrik Benke Rydman and Martin Luuk brainstormed together early this spring around an idea that Benke had earlier.
– We juggled our different ideas for cooperation and stuck to the theme of “open relations”, something I have experience of, while Benke was reading threads on the net at nights, says Martin Luuk.

– Benke has let movements replace much of the words in the script, but sometimes the word masses remain, because the couple we follow is close to the words and uses them to approach and distance themselves from each other, Martin continues.

– Martin is constantly challenging my traditional thinking, there is always a new way to go and that’s what makes it exciting, but also difficult. But it is in the choices that I can experience that at least for me something new arises, which makes that I have the energy to continue. My goal has always been to surprise the audience and I hope we can offer it this time too, says Fredrik Benke Rydman.

The couple that the six artists portrays tussle with their longing for excitement and their need for security. In the show we are allowed to follow their journey between their agony and occasionally even euphoria.

In the roles:
Rennie Mirro
David Dalmo
Piotr Giro
Emelie Jonsson
Sandra Medina
Lisette Pagler

Director and choreographer: Fredrik Benke Rydman
Scripture: Martin Luuk
Scenography: Lars Östbergh
Costume: Lehna Edwall
Light design: Tobias Hallgren

Helena Olofsson, Entertainment | Stockholm