Beauty on Swedish forward march

By on March 26, 2017

April 24 to 26 takes the annual beauty week place – Stockholm Beauty Week. Founder Maria Forssén gives 10 reasons to the Swedish beauty miracle – that beauty has become so big in Sweden

– The presence of many strong blogger, today called influencers that also includes people with many fans / followers without having a blog.
– The phenomenon of tutorials where the influencern demar the product in an entertaining way have increased sales exponentially.
– Several large new beauty trends increase the demand for the new products. BB Cream, strobing, contouring, glow, sheet masks, organic, do it yourself trend, etc.

– Increased availability of treatments with good products at salons, among others in new locations such as shopping malls
– Increased visibility of salons through the booking sites and new apps (in addition influencers posts)
– Increased number of beauty sites and other sites that sell beauty
– Pharmacies that knowledge and sales platform for beauty has increased accessibility and service and is today the main sales channel for many brands
– Role models who managed – such as Maria Åkerberg, Isabella Löwengrip, Mette Picaut paves the way for more beauty contractors
– More attracted to work with beauty because professionalization and increased the number of schools in the hair, skin and make. From hairdresser to the hair stylist, etc ..
– Swedish beauty brands growing by entering new markets and to facilitate this has such as the Association of Swedish Beauty Brands been formed where the focus is to cooperate for Swedish export beauty.

Examples of additional aspects which can in time contribute to increased sales are initiatives such KICKS and Other Stories focus on helping consumers take care of old makeup – you get rid of bad conscience and the old to make way for the new. Simple psychology …

Stockholm Beauty Week has the fourth year grown to nearly 50 exhibitors, where several are from France, Benelux and Italy, and who see Sweden and Stockholm as good markets for establishment.

On April 24-26 is the gates to the House of Artists in the middle of Biblioteksstan in Stockholm wide open for influencers, industry and curious consumers to try new, network and be inspired. Trends that are highlighted is among other do-it-yourself, k beauty (Korean Beauty), living cells, black mask, bio active, brush tan, organic makeup, etc.

Monday morning, April 24 will Stockholm Beauty Week be inaugurated for press and selected influencers and opens at 12 for the general public. Stockholm Beauty Week ends Wednesday, April 26 at 18 with open back stage during the day and a Beauty show in Birger Jarlspassagen in cooperation with Björn Axén, Idun Minerals, Le Noir Models and Carotte Deli & Wine.

Tickets are available – SEK 100 for all three days including lectures and events here >>

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