Barry´s Bootcamp – “The Best Workout In The World”

By on June 13, 2017

Barry’s was founded in West Hollywood in 1998 and has been there for many years in New York, Miami, Los Angeles and London. The concept is based on 60 minutes pass with a combination of intervals on the treadmill and weight training. Barry’s has always had a famous clientele that includes several A-list celebrities.

– The concept is referred to as ‘The Best Workout in the World’, because it is a super effective exercise that simultaneously transfers the energy and the fun factor from a night club to the training room. The instructors also act as DJs and control the music so that it peaks when the intervals are the most difficult. It gave me an amazing adrenaline rush the first time I tested this training in the United States, said Rasmus Ingerslev, chairman of the board and one of the founders of Barry’s in Sweden.

– Delivering the world’s best workout, of course, requires the best coaches. What I love with the concept, in addition to the training, is the strong community and sense of belonging found in Barry’s world over. That we will recreate here in Stockholm, says Sweden Chief Sara Dahlström.

Customers are offered full flexibility. You pay per time, and do not bind up on long subscriptions.

– The Swedes will love the concept. I am convinced that with ten years of experience in the Swedish gym market and my experience after living and learning the concept in New York, says Johan Nilsson, CEO of Barry’s in Sweden.

Barry’s is launching in the Mood Quarter in Stockholm City in August this year.

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