Award-winning puppet theater company visits Kulturhuset Stadsteatern

By on November 4, 2017
Caroline Hayeur

Canadian Les Sages Fous creates the paradox’s puppetry. Applauded internationally for its works commuting unhindered between the grotesque and poetical, ritual and worldly. Now the award-winning company comes for the first time to Sweden for a unique guest show at Kulturhuset Stadsteatern Fri Scen.

On 1-9 November, Les Sages Fous plays at Kulturhuset Stadsteatern with the dystopian The Orphan Circus. In the show we meet two trash divers who create a small circus of visual conformation that awake life in a cabaret society of rootless vagabonds and maladjusted. A world where a dark alley becomes a place for dreams. Where glitter and ashes melt together, and magic and mystery are brewed in the waste containers. Under the dirt hides treasures. Is it rehabilitation or exploitation, dream or reality – it’s up to you to answer…

– The puppet theater is one in the highest degree international art form. With the Les Sages Fous group visit, a window opens up to the world and the Stockholm public is given the opportunity to broaden its image of what puppet theater is and can be. The performance is aimed exclusively at adults, something that our audience is also not used to, says Helena Nilsson, artistic director at the Marionette Theater

The company Les Sages Fous has been touring around the world with the celebrated performance The Orphan Circus.
Now the turn has come to Sweden and Kulturhuset Stadsteatern.


“I have just seen the most poetic, magical, mysterious, surprising, touching, brilliant, small, large, show.” Dorthe Kolding, Herning Folkeblag,” Herning

“Who knew that puppets can create so much magic! The Canadian Les Sages Fous breathe new life into puppet theater with ‘The Orphan Circus,” Bergens Avisen

The company Les Sages Fous takes us to a theater world where the doll, the object and man coexist in an expression that is equally as surprising and disruptive, as untouched and wild. Les Sages Fous is a company that lets images and movements say more than words.

The guest play is presented by Kulturhuset Stadsteatern Fri Scenes in collaboration with Marionetteatern, Svenska Assitej and Unima Sweden.
Plays in English. Recommended from 15 years.

The Orphan Circus
by Les Sages Fous

Premiere November 9 at Kilen, Kulturhuset Stadsteatern
Guest playing November 9-11

Idea and text: Les Sages Fous
Contributors: Les Sages Fous
Length: about 1,20 min

Helena Olofsson, Entertainment | Stockholm