Award-winning photographers inaugurate the Photo Park with a strong exhibition!

By on January 11, 2019

Värmdö has got a new attraction on the cultural map; Photo Park. The hope is that the Photo park will become a new strong player in contemporary photography. Next week, the opening ceremony will be held and in the premiere exhibition “I am a child” works of four well-known photographers will be found.

January 19 at 12.00 starts the opening of the Photo Park, located in the church park in Gustavsberg’s center. The park will offer the opportunity to experience photo art from a new perspective in a different environment, via a permanent outdoor exhibition that is kept open 24 hours a day and which does not have an entrance fee. The photo park’s first exhibition is called “I am a child” and reflects children’s different living conditions around the world. Four photographers, Åsa Sjöström, Andreas Bardell, Anders Hansson and Lisa Mattisson have contributed their works and the curator is the photographer Niclas Hammarström.

– It is the experiences of individuals and their creation that contribute to a rich cultural life. We therefore want to make art and culture more present in the public environment, says Jasmin Farid, (M), new chairman of the cultural and leisure board, who will personally be in place on the opening ceremony. With the Photo Park, we strengthen the public art and make culture easily accessible to everyone. We are also very proud that four so talented photographers want to be part of the photo park’s premiere exhibition.

After the inauguration, a vernissage is held in the Round House, where the participants get to see a presentation of the photographs that are included in the exhibition, as well as parts of the stories behind them. The exhibition “I am a child” will last between 19/1 – 22/4 2019.

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Värmdö