Autumn market as around 1900

By on September 19, 2017

Now is the time for the annual autumn market at Skansen. The summer bed at Skånegården is filled with the sellers’ stalls with jams and marmalades, crafts and flowers, paint and tools, candy and sausage … Farm-workers try their strength, the porcelain smokes, the children jump in the hay, the constable chases dubious figures and the body cakes snokes from the big pots . Everything is set on September 23-24 for a real autumn market, as in the last turn of the century, in other words.

Markets played a major role in older times crowds. They were among the most important festive days and were considered as free days for the farm workers and maids of the mansions where their extremely small cash pay was often consumed.

Here are all kinds of items for sale – bread, jam, honey, cheese, vegetables, caramels, flowers, crafts, household utensils, paintbrushes, ointments and much more. The photographer takes portrait, the fortune teller receives in its tent and the restaurateurs serve steady home-made food. Even Skansen’s horses gets march into and deliver freshly baked buns from Bakery.

The autumn market is organized in cooperation with Skansen village community, which among other things populates the market with both sellers and hilarious characters in the crowd.

Skansen 23 – 24 September at 11-16

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Stockholm