Artificial intelligence shall guide museum visitors

By on August 26, 2017
Fredrik Josefsson

Obedient visitors, straight trail, discipline and order- it is the goal for the artificial intelligence Simone who soon moves into the Technical Museum.

Simone, or at programming language – SIM.ONE is the name of the digital face, which soon looks out over the visitors of the Technical Museum’s major exhibition hall and urges them to do as she wish. Simone is included in a new exhibition about Artificial Intelligence, AI, from

The giant projection is a work of art created by Fredrik Josefsson, Danil Lundbäck, Sharada Prasanna Mohanty and Bengt Sjölén and is shown for the first time ever. The work is the third and last part of Digital Now, the Technical Museum’s commitment to displaying art created using digital cutting-edge technology.

Simone is part of a larger project at the Technical Museum about the relationship of human-machine and about to living and working in a digital world. In addition to interacting with Simone, visitors can also look into the “brain” of artificial intelligence and learn more about how AI works. In addition is it a premiere display of a digital knowledge overview,, about the smart algorithms behind AI and where the research is today.

The exhibition is developed by, which is run by the Vetenskapsrådet and a dozen other organizations that finance research, and presented in collaboration with the Technical Museum.

The exhibition will open on August 30th and will be displayed at the Technical Museum until 30 November.

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