Åre – a mecca for ski lovers and life lovers during the Gastronomy Week

By on January 26, 2018

Now the fifth consecutive year, Åre Gastronomy Week is expected to be fully booked for visitors to Åre. The effort on skiing combined with food and drink reached record levels last year and became a very popular experience among the guests.

Åre Gastronomy Week is a tribute to the local culinary traditions in Jämtland. Since the beginning of 2014, week 6 has meant that the whole of Åre is filled with a host of events focusing on the village’s restaurants and local food and beverage producers. As usual, the program is tailored to suit all ski lovers.

– Completing an active skiing day with a world-class gourmet dinner is a difficult holiday combination. It’s great to see that week 6 grew so strong and we really believe that food combined with skiing is a great attraction, says Niclas Sjögren Berg, Destination Manager at SkiStar in Åre.

The Åre Gastronomy Week, which takes place on 5-11 February, is a collaboration between the village’s restaurants and actors. Besides dinner activities on and around Åreskutan, visitors can take part in beer/wine and beverage tastings, visit local food producers and guest shows by famous chefs and wine producers.

Åre is truly a genuine gourmet ski resort, with love for both skiing and food, and near-produced commodities means a lot for the whole area. It is very inspiring that local enthusiasm is appreciated by the ski guests, says Calle Hedman, project manager for Åre Gastronomy Week.







Extracts from the program:

Why not start the day with a Åre Gastronomy breakfast at Åre Bakery together with the Freeski national team. Talk with Henrik Harlaut about how he is going to take Olympic gold with help of spirulina shots. At restaurant 720 you can then eat a 6-course tasting menu for lunch in the middle of the ski slope. Then finish the skiing at Åre Ski Inn by trying beer from their own microbrewery, Svartbergets Fjällbryggeri.

In the evenings, you will find it difficult to choose from all different specially composed wine and beer dinners, guest games from chefs and wine producers.
Åres own rapper Petter holds together with his friends in Åre Wine Club a Pimonte school on Granen, Kristoffer Andersson from the Jazzköket in Östersund learns to cut a lamb and in Åre park you can make a dinner stroll with an appetizer, main course and dessert at three different restaurants.

Helena Olofsson, Travel